Recent Web Design Projects

Current project:

Made website to customer's specifications and wishes. Also created all graphics, logos, etc to be used on the website.

Paid to update their website every day with current data on fires for restoration companies.

It is a secure website. I also created a back-end user database to see when a user logs in to check the secure data. If you would like a test preview you can log in with "JuliefooCom" as the username and "test" as the password.


Commissioned to put together a website for a massage therapy company:

Designed original template and design for a Rock Band website and had my hand in some graphics. Has been changed quite a bit since the original design, but it still retains a lot of what i did:

 I worked with the owner to give this website a new look. Most of the graphics have been done by me. There has been a few updates and changes to the site. The new additions they added don't match the ones I did exactly.

Also, the same owner had me START this website. It appears some of the links are now broken, and i'm unsure if she updates it, but it looks like *most* of the graphics are still the ones I helped her with, and you can also see larger versions of these graphics in the OCE Cheer section.

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